Fun at Kilohana Senior Enrichment Center

Our clients at Kilohana Senior Enrichment Center sure do know how to have fun! Recently, they’ve been partaking in some wonderful activities that stimulate their minds and creativity while bolstering creativity.

In March, clients enjoyed a visit by The Hawaii Symphony. Their precise and beautiful melodies impressed our clients, but not as much as when the performers played opposite of one another while reading their music upside down!

The Royal Hawaiian Band Glee Club performed, enticing our clients to sing along to oldies, Japanese favorites, and modern hits. They always know how to get the crowd going!

Last, but certainly not least, clients were able to make their own lucky charm bracelets to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone knows a little green goes a long way on this Irish holiday. Clients created their own good luck charms just in time NOT to be pinched by some devious leprechauns. Erin go Bragh!

Thank you to all of our visitors who help to enrich the lives of our seniors everyday.