To provide senior living excellence in a gracious, compassionate and dynamic environment which meets the spiritual, physical and social needs of every resident, client, member, and participant we serve.


We are guided by a vision that calls us to provide optimum effort in support of our residents, clients, members, and participants, and to provide benefits and service to seniors in the greater community.

Core Values

We believe that in all we do in life and in our work we should:

  • be humble
  • be understanding
  • be gentle
  • be just
  • be merciful
  • be honest
  • be peaceful
  • be faithful


1. Embrace our mission, vision, and values.
2. Manage our margin for our mission.
3. Drive employee engagement.
4. Deliver resident, client, and member-centered quality care and service.


1. I focus on what’s right for the resident, client, and member, not what’s easiest for me.
2. I serve residents, clients, and members as people, not tasks.
3. I ask what I can do for others, not what others can do for me.
4. If I see something, I say something.
5. If can, can…No can say, “I cant.”