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Arcadia Receives Custom Art from Doug Young

We are so grateful for artist Doug Young and the custom piece of art he created for Arcadia’s Administration Office! Doug created this beautiful water triptych painting for the entrance of the newly renovated Administration Office. The calming waves will now greet all visitors. Mahalo, Doug, for sharing your talents with us!

A Special Outing to Pearl Harbor

At Arcadia, we are thankful that we were able to bring Arcadia resident Mr. Adachi to visit the USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor for the first time. His happiness is contagious! Check out these photos from the excursion!

Arcadia Residents Volunteer for Rotary Club of Honolulu

Arcadia residents like to stay busy, and this time, it’s for the Rotary Club of Honolulu. A group of Rotarians will travel to Nepal as part of their mission to serve one international project per year. While in Nepal, Rotarians will work on building a fence and landscaping, and others will work directly with the children themselves.

That’s where Arcadia’s volunteers come into play. Resident volunteers created paper lei parts for the children to assemble with the goal of spreading aloha over 7,000 miles away. Resident Sheila Black guided the volunteers in punching out flowers and assembling the lei kits. Over 100 poverty-stricken and homeless children in Nepal will get to experience the joy of lei-making thanks to the hard work of the resident volunteers and their partners at the Rotary Club of Honolulu.

We are proud of our residents who are doing their part to support their local community and the community at large. To watch the segment, click here.

Baking 101 with Arcadia Residents and Arcadia At Home Members

What a treat! Together our Arcadia residents and our Arcadia At Home members enjoyed learning to bake macaroons and sponge cake. After their lesson, they enjoyed the fruits of their labor and afternoon tea!

Arcadia residents showcase egguery creations

Easter eggs are decorated with a variety of adornments. Eggs are crafted from ostrich, duck, goose, and rhea eggs.

What better way to get into the spring season than by showcasing the art form called “Egguery”!

Arcadia residents continue to impress us with their hobbies and skill sets, and egguery is the latest showcase of their diverse talents. On display in Arcadia’s lobby is an assortment of different decorated eggs, from ostrich, duck, goose, and rhea eggs.

Egg art has a fascinating origin. It is said that eggs possess the secret of life, symbolizing re-birth and are often associated with Easter, spring, dawn, and creation. In early times, eggs were decorated and used as gifts to celebrate the re-birth of life on earth. The original art of egguery began with master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabrege who was appointed Court Jeweller in 1885 by Czar Alexander III of Russia. Czar Alexander III commissioned Fabrege to design a special egg for his wife each year beginning in 1885 until his death in 1894. Real Fabrege eggs are made of porcelain and enamel embellished with real gold, diamonds, rubies, emerald, and other precious stones. There are a total of 54 original Fabrege Imperial Eggs existing today.

Today, our residents use real eggshells, cut them, and decorate them with rhinestones, pearls, lace, Italian prints, and any other appropriate material to enhance the design of the eggs. The exterior is painted with acrylic paint, sprayed with a pearlized mist, and a figurine is placed inside the eggs. The top of the egg is decorated, and finally, the egg is mounted onto an egg stand. Their creations are certainly a feast for the eyes!

Arcadia launches revamped garden brochure

Recently, Arcadia debuted a new Garden Brochure which is a self-guided tour through our lush, on-site botanical garden!

Arcadia’s garden is ever-changing, and the self-guided tour gives residents the chance to learn about the trees and plants who call our garden home. Varieties include Rainbow shower trees, Red ginger, a Meyer Lemon Tree, and Cuban Royal Palms. The garden is also outfitted with a lovely koi pond complete with taro.

Residents kicked off the new brochure’s debut with a party which included personal tours of the garden by our horticulturist, Heidi Bornhorst. We hope residents continue to find peace and wonderment in our “urban oasis” for years to come.

Kupuna Achievers: Arkie Koehl

According to MADD, every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving accident. Surprised at these statistics and determined to make a difference, Arcadia Resident Mr. Arkie Koehl began volunteering for MAAD after a career in advertising.

According to the national highway traffic safety administration, on average, two in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. The more statistics Mr. Koehl learned, the more he wanted to change the odds for the better.

His efforts have paid off over time, but he keeps going no matter what. He hopes he can inspire our younger generation to do the same.

Thank you, Mr. Koehl, for all that you do to help keep Hawaii’s roads, and residents, safe!

Click here to watch the video.

Kupuna Achievers: Lenley Hawksworth

Arcadia’s very own Mr. Lenley Hawksworth was just in grade school when he witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Decades later, Mr. Hawksworth now volunteers at Pearl Harbor every Tuesday, sharing his childhood story and helping guests understand more about the attack. He enjoys recounting his memories of that important day and sharing his experiences with the many visitors of Pearl Harbor.

Mr. Hawksworth is no stranger to serving others: He was in the ROTC at Kaiser High School and also served as a Lieutenant in the Army. He eventually made his way to the YMCA for the duration his career.

Thank you, Mr. Hawksworth, for all that you do in the community. We’re proud you are a part of Arcadia’s ohana!

Click here to watch the video.

15 Craigside and Arcadia earn 5-star rating from!

Top Employee

Many congratulations to 15 Craigside and Arcadia for earning 5/5 stars from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. You can see the full report here. Keep up the good work!