Arcadia Family of Companies

The Arcadia Family of Companies tries to provide the best working environment, benefits and wages we can responsibly provide our employees, considering those whom we serve and their reasonable boundaries of affordability.

Effective July 1, 2014, Arcadia’s employer contribution for the 403(b) Retirement Plan has been increased from 8% to 8.5% for Eligible Participants. Employees are eligible to participate in our Tax Deferred Annuity Plan on the first pay period following their date of hire, and, will become an eligible participant for sharing in company contributions after successfully completing one year of service. All employees are encouraged to begin saving (in our Tax Deferred Annuity Plan) as soon as they begin to work with the Arcadia family – no matter what their age. Once they’ve made one year of employment, and are enrolled in the Plan, they will receive 8.5% more in their Plan as long as they are contributing 4% of their own earnings – tax deferred – from their wages. It’s a great deal!

Health & Welfare:

Our exceptional Health & Welfare benefits include medical, drug, vision, dental, Life, AD&D, and LTD. Some of the benefits are offered free or at a minimum cost to qualifying employees.
  • UHA 600 (PPO)
  • UHA 3000
  • Kaiser Basic
  • Kaiser Added Choice
  • All four health plans include drug and vision coverage.
  • In addition to our health plans we also have the HDS dental plan.
  • There is also employer provided Group Life, AD&D, and LTD insurance.

Paid Time Off:

  • 10 Holidays per calendar year
  • 10 days of paid vacation time upon completion of the first year of work with a one week buy back option. The vacation benefit increases after 5 years and 10 years of service
  • In addition, we offer accruable sick leave up to 90 days

Additional Benefits:

  • Flexible Spending Account Medical Expenses Reimbursement Dependent Care Reimbursement
  • Paid Lunch Period
  • Free Employee Meals
  • Optional Life and Supplemental Insurances
  • Employee Referral Awards
  • Section 125 Premium Conversion Plan
  • Pre-tax Parking & Bus Pass
  • Discount Movie Passes
  • FMLA/HFLA Leave
  • TDI
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Employee Holiday Party
  • Employee Cell Phone Discounts
  • Employee Discounts with the University of Phoenix

The above summaries do not provide details, technical &/or exhaustive explanations of the benefits available. The above is merely intended to provide a basic listing of some of the more important features of the various benefits. Employee benefits are subject to modification, change &/or discontinuation at any time, with or without notice. Only designated Human Resources representatives are permitted to assist with the administration and coordination of employee benefits. Please contact Human Resources directly if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding your employee benefits.