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Happy Derby Day from Central Union Church!

Happy Derby Day!

All bets were off  as our clients at Central Union Church Adult Day Care geared up for the big race day at Churchill Downs by hosting their own Derby Day Party! Clients donned their best hats ranging from traditional southern style hats to top hats. Games captured the spirit of the race, and clients were even able to place bets for what horse they thought would win the race.

What sort of Kentucky Derby party would it be without a mint julep or two? Staff mixed up mint julep “mocktails” complete with fresh mint and clients sipped on them throughout the afternoon.

Preschoolers from neighboring Central Union Church came through to show off their handmade paper hats and horses. Everyone was charmed by their cheerful demeanor and their playful visit.

We’d like to thank everyone to came out and made our Derby Day such a success! Your participation is second-to-none!

Adult Day Care Center Clients Exhibit Unique Talents

Clients at Central Union Church Adult Day Care & Day Health Center really amaze us with their diverse talents and activities! Nancy loves sewing and with some assistance from Nurse Joy, helped sew new dining scarves for fellow adult day care center clients, as well as microwave bowl potholders! The potholders will be given as gifts to volunteers and entertainers who come to perform and share their talents with clients at the center.

Betty loves coloring and created colorful greeting cards for her fellow friends. The cards include well wishes for birthdays and “get-well-soon” messages.

Thank you Nancy and Betty for sharing your talents with us! Your heartfelt and home made gifts are appreciated by all.

Celebrating National Hat Day

Recently, clients at Central Union Church Adult Day Care & Day Health Center celebrated National Hat Day! Some adult day care clients brought in their own hats for the day, and others made their own at the center inspired by the tried-and-true party hat. Coloring and designing them by themselves, clients got a kick out of donning their hats around the center for the day.

Not to be left out, employees wore hats ranging from Rastafari, to pirate and construction. A volunteer from Punahou School helped our clients prepare the hats, assisted them with putting their hats on, and of course, got them to smile for the camera!

“Hats off!” to our clients and employees for celebrating this festive holiday!

Intergenerational fun at Central Union Church Adult Day Care!


Did you know that Central Union Church Adult Day Care & Day Health Center clients pair up with the preschool for some fun intergenerational activities twice a week?

Preschoolers come over to the adult day care every Tuesday and Thursday to enjoy an array of planned activities like bracelet making, lei making, bingo, singing, and crafts. The joy shared between generations is infectious!

Thank you Central Union Church Preschool for brightening our seniors’ days!