The Center is unable to serve or accept into the program:

  • Persons who are severely disabled or bed bound
  • Those with infectious diseases or sub-acute illnesses
  • Those with unmanageable psychiatric or behavioral conditions or disorders


The person responsible for the care of the client is expected to make his or her own arrangements for door-to-door transportation to and from the Center.

The center requests that clients NOT be brought to the center before 7:30am, and that clients be picked up by 5:30pm. If a client is delayed or absent, the caregiver/family members should notify the Center by 7:30am.

Clients using the Handi-van are expected to have alternate plans when the Handi-van does not arrive for pick-up on time. The Center may request authorization by the caregiver/family to call a taxi, in the event the caregiver/family is unable to pick up the client. The fare will be included on the monthly bill.

For an additional fee, clients may be dropped off between 7:00AM and 7:30AM and picked up between 5:35PM and 6:00PM.

If caregivers or family members repeatedly (more than 3 times a month) pick up clients after 6:00pm, it may result in termination of the client’s enrollment.

Additional Information

Special Equipment
If a client requires a wheelchair, walker or cane, these items must be provided by the caregiver/family.

Change of clothing
Clients should have an extra change of clothes, including underwear, to be kept at the center. Please label them.

Geriatric Pads/Briefs
Clients using geriatric pads/briefs should provide ample supply to be kept at the center for their use.