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May 7, 2019

Puppy/Pet Love at 15 Craigside

Photo of Duis non quis esse quis qui

15 Craigisde was featured during a recent segment of Kupuna Caregiver on KHON. The segment highlights the benefits that pets offer our kupuna. Wes Koga and his two therapy dogs Lilo and Sandy have been visiting with 15 Craigside Health Care Center residents for 7 years. Gina, Activities Supervisor, notes, "I see smiles on their faces, I see that it brings joy to them..." Our community at 15 Craigside is pet-friendly, allowing our residents to bring their furry loved ones with them when they move in. Glenn Koga, 15 Craigside resident, moved in with his dog, Mickey. He joked "For one thing, if they [15 Craigside] wouldn't take him we wouldn't be here.", adding, "We adopted him and he's really changed our life." It is great to see our residents find "Puppy/Pet Love" here at our community! Click here to view the full story!