Health Care

15 Craigside offers lifetime residency with three levels of continuing care.

Independent Living

15 Craigside offers lifetime residency. You live your life, your way, in your own private residence. It just comes with more perks. 15 Craigside provides dining options, housekeeping service, health care service, personal assistance, 24-hour security and maintenance. Plus you have your choice of a wide range of activities, programs and entertainment to enjoy as you wish.

Assisted Living

If and when you need it, we are here for you. As a licensed provider for Assisted Living Services, we can provide any services you may need to help you manage your daily activities. You stay in your own apartment and don’t have to move. We will provide a Service Plan based on an assessment of how much or how little help you need. This can include everything from medication management to assistance with many of the activities of daily living, all with the goal of helping you maintain an independent lifestyle.

Special Services

Should you ever need Special Services, we’re here to help. Services are provided by a Certified Nurse Aid and include the following:

  • Bedmaking
  • Check cashing
  • Check writing
  • Supermarket orders and delivery
  • Ironing
  • Monitoring
  • Ordering medical supplies
  • Personal laundry
  • Reading to residents and assisting with material from the library for the blind
  • Pet therapy

The Health Care Center

You may never need it, but if you do, the third level of care is available right in the building, where you will continue to stay close to family and friends. We have an entire floor dedicated to providing unparalleled care for our residents in our Skilled Nursing, Intermediate and Special Care Center (sometimes referred to as Long Term Care). 15 Craigside offers 41-bed licensed, Medicare-certified nursing in our Health Care Center. Skilled nursing and nursing services are provided to residents whose primary need is for 24 hours of nursing care or extended nursing services. You maintain your own space in a semi-private room. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff provides specialized nursing. We also serve those who develop Alzheimer’s and dementia and those who need end-of-life care. It’s round-the-clock care that’s always ready with a gentle word, a helping hand, and a caring heart.

Every person is different. You may not need the care in the future that another person might. Whatever your needs turn out to be, guaranteed lifetime care at 15 Craigside means approaching the future without worries. The Life Lease is insurance for yourself, peace of mind for your family, and a way to stay in control of your life today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead.