December 17, 2021

Hoʻomau (12/17/21)


DECEMBER 17, 2021, ISSUE 29


Renew, Perpetuate, Persevere

Holiday Happenings at Arcadia

Arcadia residents have been celebrating the Christmas season all month long with a variety of festive activities!

Beautiful Christmas wreaths were created with donated items like ribbons, berries and birds. Wreath-making sets were assembled by the Programs team for all attendees. Residents could follow one of the design examples or create their own, which many opted to do. Each wreath turned out to be lovely and unique!

Another holiday event was the gingerbread house-making contest. House components and candies were provided and participants could also bring additional items to embellish their designs. Residents were able to sign up individually or work as a group of up to four people. All teams worked hard on their structures and each house turned out to be special. It was a fun activity and everyone had a great time! The completed gingerbread houses were on display for the contest and other residents joined in on the merriment by viewing and voting.

Notes of Kindness

Arcadia Adult Day Care clients and staff recently walked over to the Kapiolani Medical Center to make a special delivery. “Notes of Kindness,” thank you cards written from clients, members and staff to healthcare heroes, were a part of Home and Community-Based Services’ Core Values Campaign. The Center’s clients helped make and decorate the cards and were happy to be able to personally spread joy during the holiday season.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

15 Craigside residents have been getting ready to send out their holiday cards by making their own! Some made origami Christmas trees while others colored holiday-themed cards. Residents also learned a new way to fold a dollar bill in the spirit of the season: little origami dollar Christmas trees! These will surely be a nice surprise to find tucked inside a card.

Manoa Heritage Center

Arcadia At Home (AAH) members went on an outing to Manoa Heritage Center, a 3.5-acre living classroom that promotes the understanding of Hawaii’s natural and cultural heritage. The tour was led by Mrs. Adele Chong, AAH member and docent at the center. The weather was pleasant and everyone enjoyed themselves. The sunny day in Manoa Valley concluded with a refreshing beverage of hibiscus tea.

Printmaking and Painting

Take a look at the amazing artistic abilities of Arcadians! In fruit stamp printmaking, residents used cut fruit and vegetables - lemons, apples and celery - to create unique prints on linen dishtowels with acrylic paint. During the painting session, participants used their creativity by adding their own individual details as they designed their fall scenes. Can you spot the Hawaiian touch of a coconut tree in one of the paintings?

Snowflake Garlands

As the weather gets cooler and winter approaches, 15 Craigside residents crafted paper snowflake garlands to decorate their doors and apartments for the season. Some freehanded their cutouts while others used templates to make their snowflakes. It’s always fun to unfold your creation to reveal what shape it makes. As the saying goes, no two snowflakes are alike!

Midweek’s Mahalo Nui

Putting others first is music to the ears! Did you happen to see Arcadia resident, Mrs. Esther Geil’s, submission to Midweek’s Mahalo Nui column? Mrs. Geil expressed gratitude for Mr. Arkie Koehl, a fellow resident, for entertaining everyone with beautiful tunes on the piano three evenings a week during the pandemic. Thank you for sharing your talent, Mr. Koehl!

Sunflower Seedlings

Three weeks ago, at the Home and Community-Based Services’ Core Values Fall Fair, clients, members and staff planted sunflower seeds. The sowing of seeds represented the core values of gentle and faithful. By faithfully watering and being gentle to the seedlings, Arcadia Adult Day Care clients hope to see sunflowers in the near future!

“Please stay safe and be vigilant in practicing strong infection prevention measures. COVID-19 remains in the Honolulu community…the pandemic is NOT over!” - Suzie Schulberg, President & CEO

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