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February 5, 2021

Silver Linings of COVID-19 (Issue 02/05/21)


FEBRUARY 5, 2021, ISSUE 47

Silver Linings of COVID-19

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Vaccination Efforts at CUC

One of the best defenses we have against fighting the coronavirus is the vaccine. More than 27 million Americans have received their first shot, and on Wednesday, clients from the Arcadia Adult Day Care & Day Health Center at Central Union Church and Arcadia Home Health Services received their first dose as well.

The daycare hosted a vaccination clinic in partnership with Times Pharmacy to inoculate a total of 32 clients. After clients checked in, they walked to the campus’ Music Room for vaccination and monitoring.

AFC employees Claire Bailey and Melinda Allarde were onsite to monitor clients after the vaccine to ensure that no one experienced any serious adverse effects. Overall, the clinic was a success! See photo highlights on page 2.

Question: Why did you decide to get the vaccine?

“It’s necessary. I think it will help me. Others should do it- there’s no reason not to.” – Mr. Howard Gardiner, AHHS Client

“My son told me to get it […] I think it will help to protect me. Hopefully.” – Mr. Kenneth Sunada, CUC Client

“To protect ourselves and others.” – Mr. Ernest DeJesus, CUC Client

“I think we should all just do it. That will help to get us back to normal.” – Susan Kamida (daughter) on behalf of Mrs. Hideko Kamida, CUC Client

“Because of his age, he had the opportunity to get the vaccine much earlier, but I held off because of the research. They never did any testing on people his age. He’s over 100. I wanted to see, after the first phase, what happens. It looked like there hadn’t been any reports of very adverse effects for much older people, so when Jenelle contacted us and said that he could come in through home health, he did. That’s why we decided now. I wanted to avoid him being the first, but I think it’s safe now.” – Mary Kodama (daughter) on behalf of Mr. Clifford Chan, AHHS Client

Activities Professionals Spirit Week

In honor of Activities Professionals Week, celebrated from January 24-30, our employees at 15 Craigside hosted their very own spirit week!

Their fun-loving energy was front and center as they held different dress up days like Disney/Cartoon Day, Paniolo Day, Mismatch/Mix and Match Day, and even a Casino Day where they dressed up in Black, Red and White.

Inspired by their festivities, we’ll be hosting themed dress up days through-out the year, starting with today’s Sports Day in honor of Super Bowl Sunday. Please share your pictures with us, and look out for more dress up days this year!

Automatic Doors at Arcadia

Arcadia has a welcome addition to its lobby—automatic restroom doors!

The automatic doors were in-stalled at Arcadia to help those who need a hands-free entrance to the restrooms. The best part about these doors is that it allows more accessibility around our communities.

In 2019, automatic doors were installed at 15 Craigside as part of a pilot project. Due to its success, Arcadia adapted the model.

We will continue to monitor their operation and durability for now with the possibility of adding more of these doors in the future. Stay tuned!

Safety First

Safety is a big part of our everyday lives. A re-cent drill at 15 Craigside enacted an electrical fire scenario. This drill was more complex than usual with a fire starting in the kitchen dummy waiter that sent smoke up the shaft and into the Health Care Center’s dining area. Staff operated a fire extinguisher and followed emergency response procedures in two areas. These ongoing drills allow us to keep our com-munities safe in case of real emergencies.

Family Album App

We’re always looking for creative ways to stay in touch with friends and loved ones during the pandemic. The Family Album App is a great resource to securely share your family’s photos and videos—all in one place! You can upload photos and videos for invited family members to view and comment on. Best of all, it’s free! Learn more about it here:

Flower Donation

Being a part of our community gives us the chance to connect with and develop meaningful relationships with others. One of those relationships is with Beretania Florist. They continue to selflessly share gorgeous floral arrangements with us. We’re thankful for their kind heart, and happy that we can share their aloha with our residents and employees through flowers.

“The one thing I keep coming back to is that I am so proud and grateful to have worked for the AFC over the last 20 years AND I’m humbled and honored to work alongside each of you. Your compassion, commitment, dedication, heart, focus and pure grit inspires me each day to continue to believe in and serve the mission of the AFC.” - Suzie Schulberg, President & CEO

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