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May 29, 2020

Silver Linings of COVID-19 (Issue 5/29/20)

Photo of Duis non quis esse quis qui

MAY 29, 2020, ISSUE 11

Silver Linings of COVID-19

Uplifting updates from the Arcadia Family of Companies delivered to you weekly

Messages of Hope for Kupuna

Hawaii’s youth continues to reach out and share messages of hope with kupuna to let them know they are not alone in this fight against COVID-19.

The Arcadia Family of Companies has been the lucky recipient of beautiful handmade works of art, collages and letters sharing uplifting and inspirational drawings and words meant to brighten the days of our kupuna.

The students at Hawaii Baptist Academy created seven collages for 15 Craigside residents, and each version had its own special message. One message read, “15 Craigside, sending you lots of smiles across the miles!”

Iolani School and Momilani Elementary, in partnership with the Kind2Kupuna initiative, shared letters penned by 2nd graders with sentiments like, “Please know that we are thinking about you and we want you to stay positive,” and “We are in this together, so stay positive!”

Iolani High School students penned letters and shared some of the following: “I cannot imagine a world without our kupuna. I am so thankful for all the wise people who have guided me throughout the years, and I want to extend that gratitude to you,” and “Stay strong and stay positive! We believe in you and we love you!

Thank you to everyone for the kind messages!

15 Craigside Cranes for HCC

In many cultures, the crane is a symbol of happiness, longevity and good fortune. It’s no wonder cranes seem to be popping up all over our communities!

15 Craigside residents folded and donated cranes to the Health Care Center floor to spread their message of hope, peace and love during this time and always.

The hanging tsurus (Japanese for crane) have received many positive compliments and have brightened up the second floor.

A Special Art Piece

Arcadia resident and artist Mrs. Maxine Bray illustrates pictures for the bi-monthly Arcadian publication, but this time, she is lending her artistic talents to Silver Linings.

Mrs. Bray colored this rendition of the Coronavirus, saying that she wanted to depict what the residents are going through during this pandemic.

“I wanted to draw something that represents what we’re struggling through,” Mrs. Bray said of her drawing.

Even though the situation could be described as “awful” at times, the silver lining is the message at the bottom: “Arcadia Is Strong.”

Thank you, Mrs. Bray, for sharing your artistic talents and message of hope with us all!

Foodland Gives to Kupuna

On Thursday, May 21, due to the extreme generosity of an anonymous donor, Foodland gave kupuna shopping at their stores from 6a-7a all of their groceries for free. They also gave 15 Craigside residents their orders for free that day.

Pictured left is 15 Craigside resident volunteers Jean Geil and Hazel Shimabukuro who have been helping to sort resident orders every week. Lauren Shin, 15 Craigside Resident Services Manager, remarked, “They are so helpful and make it quick and easy. They really look forward to helping with sorting, and they wait for the deliveries to come in every Thursday.”

We are extremely grateful for the selfless donor and resident volunteers. Thank you for helping to spread the aloha!

Puppies Make the World Go Round

Left: Duke, dog of Arcadia Nurse Ara Antonio, loves riding in the back of his parents’ truck with his white sunglasses, protects the environment by helping recycle cans and bottles and recently learned how to wear a face mask!

Right: 15C’s pet therapy dog Koa was recognized for earning the Utility Dog Excellence (UDX) title! We are proud of his special award!

AHHS Team Meetings

The Arcadia Home Health team holds a weekly teleconference meeting to connect to each other during the pandemic. Each meeting starts off with an ice breaker question, the last of which was, “What’s the last thing that someone did for you that made your day?” Noly Julian, CNA, shared that her husband helped her complete her garden at home! What a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness have the biggest impact!

Earrings for Hope

An anonymous reader and donor was so touched by the recent “Cranes for Hope” initiative by 15 Craigside residents that she wanted to start her own extension of Cranes for Hope. She has been folding cranes, crafting crane earrings and passing it out to others, sharing how each crane represents hope through the pandemic. We’d like to say a sincere mahalo to our reader for her thoughtfulness and generosity!

AAH Member Testimonial

Arcadia At Home Members are continuing to stay safe at home, and Ms. Arleda Watson is no different. She shared that her silver lining during this pandemic is the housekeeping services she is receiving. She said, “It feels so good to have clear windows and screens, stainless steel without smears, not to mention, the friendly ‘invasion’ of real live people.” We’re thankful our members appreciate the assistance during these times.

“A huge mahalo to all of you residents and staff for sticking with us as we have navigated through unchartered waters […] Currently, we are in the Act With Care phase. Take care, and stay safe!” - Suzie Schulberg, President & CEO

Behind the Mask

A poem written by Susan G. Panui

In the midst of this crisis

The world seems a mess

With stay at home orders

And health workers so stressed

So many are ill

And many pulled through

But every life lost

Was someone's precious and few

Many are jobless

They all share the same strains

Unsure if they'll make it

With what little remains

In the midst of this storm

We can refocus on life

And rediscover the values

Once forgotten in strife

When you're no longer busy

And you've nowhere to go

You return to the basics

Of the life you should know

Families are bonding

With more time to spare

The air is now cleaner

Heavy traffic is rare

Meals cooked at home

Shared at a table

Creating memories together

Now that they're able

Many are willing

To help as they can

Creatively thinking

Since the struggle began

It doesn't take all this

to realize that you care

God gave you a heart

That was already there

And when the time came

When you could step up

With no hesitation

You helped fill someone's cup

Behind every mask

So much more can be seen

You can see in their eyes

Their smiles as they gleam

The mask cannot hide

What the heart clearly shows

Full of compassion for others

As the love overflows

We thank you for you

Caring for more than yourself

Whether risking your lives

Or putting food on a shelf

You are the sunshine

That brightens the day

When someone is struggling

In all this dismay

You give people hope

Along a rough road

When the burden is heavy

You help lighten the load

When all this is over

Things may not be the same

Through all of this I hope

Your servant's heart will remain

There's a great silver lining

Though apart we must stay

As our hearts join together

We turn to our God and pray


The team at 15 Craigside delivered 15 delicious lunch bentos to the Walgreens pharmacy team and all other staff on shift at the time! We're grateful for all that they've done for us, and we're happy to show them a small token of our appreciation. Mahalo for all that you do everyday!

We'd like to thank Sheri-Ann Lau Clark (Hawaii Employers Council) for donating 10 reusable masks for our staff to use. Thank you for the kind gesture. Our staff won't soon forget it!

Thank you to Avanti Designs for your generous donation of 300 disposable masks! We are humbled by your donation! Please know that these masks will go toward protecting the lives of those we serve.

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