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April 16, 2021

How Technology Helps Seniors

Technological developments are synonymous with the youthful generation. The seniors in society were more often comfortable with rather aged technology that matured with them. However, changes in technological advancements have enabled easy access and use among the seniors in the society.

There are a rising number of technological integrations in society that significantly simplify operations for seniors daily. Likewise, the internet has seen a surge in traffic from the elder age bracket browsing social media and making inquiries on search engines. Further information shows that older adults are increasingly involved in communication with reports of a select number appearing on online platforms.

Additional research towards technology for seniors show a rise in the integration of communicative and smart technologies in daily operations. There are more activities whether seniors take advantage of technology in their daily lives. These examples include observations from establishments in the Arcadia family of companies that show increasing use of search engines and how technology is taking center stage in the continuum care retirement community.

Using Alexa

The rise of voice-activated technology increased over the last couple of years. The innovation has roots in 1976 but was streamlined for smartphone use on the iPhone 4s with Siri. Fast-forward and the industry has seen the rise of many voice assistants including Alexa, Google Voice Assistant and Siri as the most prominent examples.

However, the most preferred entry for seniors is Alexa, gaining ground ahead of its counterparts. Alexa's voice accessible functionality reduces the hassle to constantly interact with a screen. This feature comes as a lifesaver for elder citizens with motor deficiencies.

Likewise, Alexa is crucial for users with dementia as it offers an interactive alternative for setting reminders, provides entertainment and helps seniors keep track of lists. Alexa’s capacity for integration with other smart devices also proves easy access to smart appliances through voice activation. Further assistance from Alexa comes from simple functions like reading the time, notifications and turning off lights.

Social connection

Research shows that seniors with close relationships between friends and families are less likely to be depressed and have a 70% chance of prolonged life.  Studies show that limited mobility is a significant factor in these outcomes. Seniors who cannot move around freely as they normally would, spend their time alone and may risk suffering from depression.

Similarly, studies also show that seniors have a high priority for social interactions compared to the young generation. The rise of technologies capacity to bridge the distance of social interaction has a special place among seniors. Integration of one-touch voice and video calls allows seniors to set up quick and easy communication streams between peers.

The video calling feature has helped seniors to settle in homes reducing the occurrence of loneliness among the elderly. According to research, seniors with access to video calling features have less propensity to feeling abandoned by their families. In the same way, the seniors have a chance to join social media and keep in touch with colleagues.

Safety - connecting to PERS

Senior's safety is a major concern for the caregiver. The elderly require additional attention to keep them comfortable and prevent potential hazards. Because of this, there is a need to consider adopting a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

Personal Emergency Response Systems are a medical alert system strapped into a senior’s person for routine checkups in case of potential dangers. Seniors are prone to occasional slips and falls that can become fatal if not discovered early. PERS is essential for maintaining a senior’s safety even if they live with you.

Health tracking tools

The wearables industry has grown exponentially in the last decade. The development of these devices and their capabilities has opened an opportunity for use in teaching health in seniors. Advanced age comes with a potential risk in stabilizing one’s health requiring constant monitoring.

However, the advancement of health tracking technologies provides an escape from constant checkups in hospitals. Modern health tracking tools come in a small footprint able to fit in wristwatches. This provision opens the opportunity for convenient health tracking without physical monitoring.

Popular entries in health tracking tools are the Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit smartwatch product lineups. These offer proper health tracking with others providing statistics for blood-oxygen levels.

Online community

Seniors benefit significantly from connecting with friends and family. While physical meetups may not be possible especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, seniors currently have the option to connect remotely and share with colleagues of their age. Likewise, seniors have the chance to keep in touch through forums and chats with people they don’t know.

These forums also present new avenues for the elderly to create new connections with friends in their later years. Studies state that additional exposure on social media for seniors increases their exposure. Likewise, social media works to reduce depression common in seniors as they get foretastes of their extended environment.

Video vs calling

Many seniors grew up accustomed to posting mail that served as the widespread medium of communication. Technological advancements in communication allowed them to experience voice calling from one region to another that enhanced how people communicated. However, seniors now get the chance to communicate using video.

Today video calls are pushing the boundaries of communication allowing seniors to experience virtualized face to face communication. This technological advancement helps assure seniors companionship with families that are miles away. However, advancements in hologram technology have the potential to bridge the communication gap by providing an almost-realistic experience set for the near future.

Caregivers and experts anticipate this entry to significantly reduce the occurrence of stress and depression among the elderly. Elders are expected to experience lifelike exposure in communicating with loved ones from far.

While technological advancements have a reputation for being an exclusive option for the young, seniors also have a great deal to benefit from. Such benefits range from improved security, better health monitoring and improving communication for seniors. Life Plan Communities like 15 Craigside and Arcadia are increasingly adopting arising technical advancements to improve the lives of seniors in their care. This move is through the integration of technology like Amazon echo dots across all resident rooms for easy accessibility. Project is expected to finish by mid-year.

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