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Choosing the right senior living option that’s right for you or your family can be challenging. Here are some of the questions you may be wondering about.


Caring for Aging Loved Ones

What senior care options are available?

Care options vary based on cost and level of care needed.

Independent retirement communities: offer apartment-style accommodations, typically with a range of activities, amenities and on-site medical facilities for seniors to live independently in a safe environment. Costs can include an entrance fee and ongoing monthly fees. Learn more →

Home care / home health: caregivers offer a range of support services from everyday tasks (such as feeding, dressing, bathing, errands, etc.) to skilled care for medical needs. Costs are typically based on an hourly basis and will range depending on the medical certifications of the caregiver. Learn more →

Adult day care / adult day health: Offers supervision, care assistance and stimulating activities so seniors aren’t left alone all day. Costs are based on a monthly or daily basis and can be a cost-effective alternative to home care. Learn more →

How do I talk to my loved one about needing help?

Discussing with an aging loved one the need for help may be one of the more difficult conversations in your life. No one wants to acknowledge that they may not be able to take care of themselves fully anymore. But it is very important to have multiple ongoing conversations to guide them through this next stage of life. While everyone is different and has different relationships, here are a few tips.

  • Communicate that no matter what, your goal is that they’re safe and well taken care of.
  • Talk to them about their thoughts and feelings. Find out what’s important to them now and in the future.
  • Focus on the positive things they can enjoy (e.g. not having to do housework).

Retirement Communities

When is the right time to move into a retirement community?

Generally, it’s best to move in as early as you feel comfortable so that you can enjoy all the benefits and amenities.

What should I look for on a tour?

You should take a tour of any retirement community you’re considering. Here are some things you should take note of:

Apartment Units: Could you see yourself living in the apartment? Does it feel like home? The space will most likely be smaller than what you are accustomed to, but most communities provide many amenities like a gym, dining room, pool and other areas to relax and/or entertain.

Health Center: Are there facilities on site? For your safety and well-being, it’s important that there are medical facilities readily available.

Dining: What is typically on the menu and when/how do they serve meals?

Activities: What is their weekly schedule of activities?

Location: Is it convenient to reach the areas you’re familiar with?

Transportation: Do they offer transportation to nearby locations, like shopping centers, the grocery store, your doctor’s office?

Staff: Do they seem helpful and friendly?

Residents: Do they seem active and happy?

Home Care

What kind of home care services are available?

1. A non-medical caregiver, sometimes referred to as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), companion care aide, or personal care attendant.

Non-medical caregivers offer assistance to family caregivers and to those in need of care, performing duties such as feeding, dressing and bathing, medication reminders, walking/transportation assistance, errands and social support.

2. A skilled caregiver, sometimes referred to as a visiting nurse or medicare-certified nurse.

Skilled care, also known as visiting nurses, offer a range of services including wound care, pain management, infusion therapy, rehabilitation therapies and medication management. If you or your relative is disabled or chronically ill, skilled care can be a big help.

Who is home care right for?

For those who need assistance and prefer to remain living in their home.

Adult Day Care

What can I expect from an adult day care / adult day health center?

Adult day care centers can provide a variety of services and activities including:

  • Educational Activities and Mental Stimulation
  • Exercise Programs
  • Socialization

Adult Day Health services include those of an Adult Day Care, but also includes a heightened level of care including: personalized care plans, personal care, and nursing care.

  • Medication Management
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Therapy (Occupational, Physical, Speech)

How do I select the right center?

Before choosing any adult day care and/or adult day health center, research as much information as you can about the center. Be sure to visit the center to personally check out the facilities. Speak with the staff members to help you determine if this is the right center for your loved one. Observe the center and its clients to see how they are interacting in the center and with the staff. Find out as much information as you can regarding cost and services. Collect the necessary paperwork, thoroughly reading through the materials and notating the areas of concern. Ask questions and get answers. Be sure to get clarification in writing prior to signing any contracts for service.

What should I ask when I tour a center?

  • What services do you provide?
  • What kind of activities do you offer?
  • Does the center offer meals and snacks as a part of the fee?
  • How many seniors attend the center on a typical day?
  • What is the ratio of caregivers to seniors?
  • Do you have medically certified staff?
  • What is the payment schedule?
  • What if a senior isn’t able to come in on a particular day?
  • Are seniors with special health issues accepted?

What are the benefits of selecting an adult day care / adult day health center?

An adult day care center is a cost-effective alternative to home care for seniors who need additional supervision during the day. Most centers provide a mentally stimulating environment and social interaction. It also offers respite for family members who are caregivers to their loved one.

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